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Occupy Mindspace

Just back from San Francisco where I was in meetings with some folks from Oakland. The clashes there seem to be an unfortunate series of botched opportunities to actually come to some kind of agreement between the occupiers and the authorities. But this got me to thinking about the movement itself. On the way to work today I noticed that the ‘Occupy Venice’ group at the roundab out on Main St was gone – replaced by some rather intimidating bulldozers and other heavy equipment. Normally, there would be no reason to attach an emotional value to a piece of machinery, but when it replaces a rag-tag cluster of tents, hand-made signs, motley agitators and a scruffy dog or two, the symbolism is almost too heavy-handed. But the real question is, what did they leave behind ( that didn’t get picked up by the Department of Sanitation)? Is this a flash-flood of popular anger, explosive but evanescent? Or has the virus started to mutate in the minds of millions of 99 percenters across the globe, only to erupt in new, more powerful and unexpected strains?

I’ll be watching and hoping.

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